Decorating with Blue and White

Blue and white is one of the most adored color combinations. Why? Not only is this color duo chic and versatile but it also takes its cues from nature. Think of the many blues in the sky and the many shades that make up water and be inspired to bring those colors inside. Blue hues all mix well together and white is fresh and natural. Chinoiserie Take inspiration from classic ginger jars and … [Read more...]

Bar Carts: The Ultimate Party Accessory

At SWI, we love a stocked bar cart. Not only do they provide a fun vintage look to your home, but they are also the perfect accessory for a hostess. The bar cart is basically a portable bar that allows the host to never step away from the party. The party is wherever the bar cart is! Today we want to provide all bar cart lovers some inspiration to creat the perfectly stocked bar cart for every … [Read more...]

Colorful Inspiration

As we mentioned in our previous blog post Hollywood Regency is one of our favorite styles and inspires quite a few of our projects. This look incorporates a lot of things we love: glam, gold and chinoiserie. Another important aspect that deserves its very own blog post is COLOR. As design experts we adore adding color to interiors, from bold prints to art that makes a statement. Keep reading as we … [Read more...]

The Hollywood Regency Look

Hollywood Regency can be defined as the over arching style for Vintage Glamour decorating. Reminiscent of the old Hollywood era full of glitz and glamour this look is bold and timeless. It is a style that has truly transcended the decades. Hollywood Regency can be broken down into two major categories Chinoiserie and Palm Beach. Both styles are eclectic mixes of colors and prints. Below are ways … [Read more...]

Meet Tenesa & Anne

Here at Shanahan Wildermuth Interiors we have been designing gorgeous homes for years. We find it and style it so you can live beautiful every day. Our experience as both interior decorators and vintage furniture experts allows us to have a unique perspective to turn your decorating ideas into a space you will truly love.   As award-winning interior designers we have helped many clients create … [Read more...]

How To Create The Vintage Glamour Look

Here at SWI Vintage we have made a commitment to bringing back the Vintage Glamour lifestyle. Vintage Glamour can be loosely defined as the style that developed during the American Midcentury and the boom of Hollywood. Homeowners during this time embraced elegant interiors full of color and exotic accents. A mix of Hollywood Regency, Palm Beach and touches of the Orient, American homes were … [Read more...]

Meet The Vintage Glamour Experts

Our crazy journey began when we met through the Cincinnati Junior League and quickly realized we had very similar styles. Our love of vintage glamour and Hollywood Regency brought us together and led us to building several successful businesses in the interior design industry. While styling our homes we soon discovered that there was nowhere to purchase high-end materials or accessories. … [Read more...]

Going Green

Green is a bold vibrant hue that is bursting onto the interior design scene. While we have been loving green for decades, more and more home owners are beginning to embrace this wonderful hue. Below are the reasons why you need to bring the green into your home. Organic We love bringing the outdoors in. Just like the grass, green is a color often reflected in nature. This organic feeling can … [Read more...]

2016 High Point Market Trends: Lighting

The 2016 High Point Market was a whirlwind and we're back with this year's hottest trends! While there are a multitude of inspirational takeaways from market we narrowed it down to the our favorite items from High Point ... Lighting! Circular Pendants Circular pendants are huge this year. These eye-catching ceiling lights can be clustered together to add high drama to any … [Read more...]

The Art of Holiday Dining

Hosting a true dinner party seems to have diminished over the decades. Somewhere along the way the thoughtful art has taken a hard turn into convenience. However, we believe there are a few good reasons why you should take the time to throw a special party for those you care about. The greatest gift you can give your family and friends is to invite them into your home and enjoy a wonderful … [Read more...]