Bar Carts: The Ultimate Party Accessory

At SWI, we love a stocked bar cart. Not only do they provide a fun vintage look to your home, but they are also the perfect accessory for a hostess. The bar cart is basically a portable bar that allows the host to never step away from the party. The party is wherever the bar cart is! Today we want to provide all bar cart lovers some inspiration to creat the perfectly stocked bar cart for every event.

Choose your cart

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Bar carts come in many different varieties. We love vintage, so we often choose vintage bar carts with unique details. Gold and silver are the more popular options, but wood and acrylic ones are also very versatile. Double check that the wheels are working and you are on your way!DSC_1116.1


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The Essentials

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There are always essentials when stocking a bar, and a bar cart is no different. Here are the basics we believe every cart needs:

  1. Ice bucket – to keep your guest’s drinks chilled and when they need to be refreshed
  2. Glasses – we suggest colored glasses, either to coordinate with your décor or set a theme/feel for your party. If you’re providing wine, also include wine glasses
  3. Liquors – particularly ones in pretty bottles. We recommend:
    1. Vodka- Absolut or Double Crosse
    2. Tequila- Patron, a classic
    3. Gin- Bombay Sapphire adds some color to this selection
  4. Mixers – tonic water, club soda, cola, and ginger ale are all classic options
  5. Lemons, limes and oranges – not only are they pretty displayed, but also an essential in many cocktails
  6. Water pitcher with tap or sparkling water – for those who need a refresher between drinks
  7. Wines – red, white, rose, and sparkling (Try some Cava for a Spanish twist!)
  8. Snacks – such as nuts for a salty treat
  9. Cocktail napkins – preferably with a witty phrase or saying
  10. Bottle opener/corkscrew
  11. Fresh flowers – because they are always necessary luxury






Cater to your Guests

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Catering to your party is another crucial step in setting up your bar cart. Ladies night? Consider stocking up on fun wines and providing cute wine tags. Poker night? Make it a bourbon tasting. Catering to your crew not only sets the mood for the party but shows you are considerate of your guest’s needs and wants.

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Consider a signature cocktail


If you are having a large party and don’t want to spend your time mixing drinks, consider choosing a signature cocktail for the night and set up a bowl or pitcher guests can pour out for themselves. Match the theme or choose a favorite, your guests will love trying something new!

A simple batch recipe cocktail is the Tangiroska– a variation on the Capirinha!

Ingredients: 12 oranges, 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar, 2 cups plain vodka, ice, and mint leaves.

1. Peel oranges and prepare juice with brown sugar in a juicer or mixer grinder.

2. Add water and vodka and stir well.

3. Serve chilled with ice and mint leaves

Cheers to that!

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edited blue glasses

Personalize your cart! Add some flowers in your favorite vase (or an emptied Patron bottle), put some nuts or candies in a crystal bowl, and your bar cart is decorated. If you are looking for more ways to personalize your cart and your guests’ drinks, try some fun cocktail napkins, creative stirring sticks, and colorful paper straws. Display them in festive glasses and let you guests accessorize their drinks to their liking!

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