Hollywood Regency

The classic Hollywood Regency furniture and decorating style was first made popular in the 1930’s, marked by mirrored surfaces, use of black and white, lacquer, velvet and bold color. Common accessories from this style include zebra rugs, Chippendale bamboo chairs, and faux furs next to high gloss lacquered pieces. Renowned designers like Billy Haines, Elsie de Wolfe, and Dorothy Draper are responsible for catapulting Hollywood Regency style into the limelight.

How to get the Hollywood Regency furniture look:

  • Color – Chinese reds, greens and rich turquoise
  • Shine – lacquered paint finishes on furniture or walls
  • Gold and Gilt Accents – beautiful gold hardware on furniture, or a gold gilded mirror
  • Furniture – shapes should be simple, but have fun, feminine curves
  • Fantasy – Chinoiserie patterned wallpaper, or wall screen
  • Fretwork – detailing on furniture will add architecture to the room
  • Bamboo – accents on tables or Chippendale bamboo cane chair are a must

SWI Vintage curates the Hollywood Regency furniture style by taking pieces from the past and integrating them into today’s interiors to create a new level of allure and excitement. Hollywood Regency rooms are punctuated by unexpected antiques, heavily ornate mirrors, Art Deco and geometric print fabrics, lacquered finishes, Chinese vases and bamboo accents. Some of the accessories are very theatrical, such as extra tall white plaster floor lamps, mirrored dressing tables, and velvet-covered couches.

Hollywood Regency has become a modern day classic and will always be a part of our modern day language. – Martin Lawrence Bullard

SWI Vintage curates vintage furniture and accessories representative of Hollywood Regency, Palm Beach Décor, Chinoiserie Chic, The Paris Apartment and Dorothy Draper styles.

Our before and after photos show the transformation of classic vintage furniture into irresistible pieces with timeless style.