Makeover Diaries: Green Cabinet Console

One of the things that sets us apart from other interior design firms is our ability to take client's vintage pieces and giving them new life. When we saw this 20-year-old entertainment unit, we were inspired. The piece was functional, but just not exciting in the space. When we laid out our plans for the room, the built-in unit gave us the opportunity to add color and transform it to look like … [Read more...]

Travel Diaries: Home Tour Inspiration

Our travels are always a source of inspiration for us. From European cities to beach towns down south, we are always able to find something that sparks our imagination. This spring, we toured some homes in Palm Springs, CA and Sea Island, GA. Below are some of our favorite pictures of colorful homes across the US. Palm Springs, CA Our first stop was Palm Springs for Modernism Week. A … [Read more...]

Elizabeth’s Palm Beach Dream

When Elizabeth described how she wanted her new condo to look, she said, "Palm Beach!" The goal: lots of color, cheer, and a place that “people were pleased to come into and enjoy the space with me”. So we started with her vintage Zuber screen as our inspiration for the color scheme and chose some key pieces from her own to make over for the new space. We took some of her pieces and lacquered … [Read more...]

Going Green

Green is a bold vibrant hue that is bursting onto the interior design scene. While we have been loving green for decades, more and more home owners are beginning to embrace this wonderful hue. Below are the reasons why you need to bring the green into your home. Organic We love bringing the outdoors in. Just like the grass, green is a color often reflected in nature. This organic feeling can … [Read more...]

Color Obsession: Green, Blue & White

Blue and white is a classic color combination. Lately we've been loving to mix in a little, or a lot, of green. Bold green hues bring a refreshing spin to any interior. It can be painted on the walls or added with accessories. A pop of green is just what every home needs. Miles Redd Carolyn Roehm   Shop these looks here. … [Read more...]

Vintage Ficks Reed Table & Chairs Makeover

How about a vintage Ficks Reed Table & Chairs makeover? Ficks Reed makes some beautiful, sturdy furniture. However, their choice of color on this dining set we picked up left a lot to be desired. The overall color tone was very bland and outdated. So we went in the opposite direction with our makeover. Green seems to sneak its way into every season. Whether it's emerald or jade, green … [Read more...]