White Wednesday: Vintage Chinoiserie Furniture

Our obsession for white furniture runs deep here at SWI Vintage. As we mentioned earlier in our blog, brown furniture is out. So we came up with the idea to dedicate every Wednesday to helping you bring beautiful vintage white furniture into your home. This week we were inspired by Mary McDonald’s luxurious study.

“A well-designed room should beckon you, make you feel welcome and wanting a little bit…more.”
– Mary McDonald


The white furniture mixed with bold colors creates a very dramatic look. But the chinoiserie details are what really sets this room apart. Here are two ideas to get this look.


A table with chinoiserie detailing could really work in any room but would be a great way to store and display your office items. All the while adding just a touch of sophistication.



Seating in a study is very important. White chairs with a touch of chinoiserie detailing will keep your guests comfortable without sacrificing the overall look.


Let us know what you think of white furniture!


Keep an eye out for these pieces here.

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